Advanced Modalities of Interaction

The AMI project favours the development of a new model to promote and valorise the museum, by designing, developing and implementing technological solutions and innovative interactive methods, able to increase the cultural and experiential elements of a museum visit and to make a static, traditional environment intelligent. The main activities carried out aimed:

• to analyze the state of the art and the technological requirements of a traditional museum, to create the guidelines and scenarios of use necessary to design the technological solutions and communication models/media to be used

• to develop models to represent and manage knowledge, to encourage the increase of multimedia cataloguing processes of works

• to favour the adoption of technological solutions, to innovate the museum environment and enrich visitors’ creative experience

• the creation of a user profiling model, to place the needs, preferences and tastes of visitors at the center of the museum experience, designing dynamic and adaptive user profiles, to support multimedia recommendations and storytelling techniques, that allow users to receive items appropriate to their profile

• to apply communication technologies and models based on museum user profiling, to incorporate behaviours and preferences, with a view to personalizing content creation and encourage visitor involvement.

Therefore, the AMI project aims to activate new processes of cultural transmission that can involve and amaze visitors, enriching their sensorial experience through innovative communication techniques.