To learn enjoying yourself” is one of the key concepts of the AMI Project.

In particular, bearing in mind the specific needs of the “teenager” user profile and the opportunity to ensure that entertainment acts as a catalyst to learn about and promote museum spaces, the Visual Novel “IncontrArti” was created. It’s an interactive, adventure video game in which the player can make some decisions that influence the plot and ending of the game.



IncontrArti is a Visual Novel that allows the player to experience a fascinating story of love and courtship set in the four demonstrators of the AMI project. The player can choose what to say or do in the different narrative crossroads, arriving at the end of the story having learned curiosities and acquired knowledge of each of the four demonstrators reaching, or not, the objective of his/her romantic date.

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AMI Morra De Sanctis Game

To bring the category of the youngest closer to the history of the territory of Irpinia, an interactive game has been created that includes several elements: the player stands in front of the ancient bell tower of the church of the SS. Peter and Paul and he is invited to climb all the levels. Once the path has begun, to access the higher levels, he must solve several mini games that fall into the puzzle category. As a reward, each victory will get to know the stories and legends of the country.